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BNI Gurgaon is changing the way the world does business. It's more than 30 years old business & professional organisation. They allow only one person from each trade or profession to join a chapter. They have over 222600+ members from all over the world and 300+ different types of professionals. BNI members can help you find your potentials clients through referral. 

BNI Gurgaon has currently 17 chapters with over 840+ members in Gurugram.

They've consistently ranked the Top 5 Region in the world out of 68 countries per BNI International

The Chapters are:

1. Pratham (Meeting Day - Tuesday) 2. Excellence (Meeting Day - Wednesday) 3. Sanskruti (Meeting Day - Thursday) 4. Energizers (Meeting Day - Friday) 5. Sparx (Meeting Day - Friday) 6. GoGivers (Meeting Day - Tuesday) 7. Incredibles (Meeting Day - Thursday) 8. Everest (Meeting Day - Tuesday) 9. Stars (Meeting Day - Friday) 10. Summit (Meeting Day -Thursday) 11. Explorers (Meeting Day - Friday) 12. Achievers (Meeting Day - Friday) 13. Alchemist (Meeting Day - Tuesday) 14. Influencers (Meeting Day- Wednesday) 15. Champions (Meeting Day - Thursday) 16. Abundance (Meeting Day - Friday) 17. Bravehearts (Meeting Day - Tuesday)

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Sanskruti members share their two year journey in BNI Gurgaon

Posted by BNI Gurgaon on 30 मे 2015

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