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Need a whole new dining experience? A place to let loose and have fun after a whole day of hard work? Drunk Art is all about you and more, offering a whole new dining experience with the art of cursive speaking.

A brainchild of a restaurateur, Aman Aggarwal, Drunk Art opened its doors on 29th of April, 2018 in sector 29, Gurgaon.

With a unique old-school décor, Drunk Art is spread over 6000 square feet and is divided into two floors. Both the floors have unique themes, one dominated by sports theme, welcoming all sports fans to come together and cheer for their favourite teams and the other grooving on an American jazz club theme with a stage for live performances, a micro-brewery and pool table.

As art is an integral theme of the newly opened restaurant, Drunk Art offers a multi-cuisine along with celebrating Lebanese food with centuries of tradition and flavours. It doesn’t just end there, Drunk Art is also the home for live acoustic bands and fusion music which you can enjoy with the best in class craft beer including, Apple Cider, German Wheat, American Ale, American Blonde.

So next time you want to sway to classic rock and roll tunes or live music, enjoy amazing food and drinks, you know where to come. Now taste the beers at Drunk Art like a pro – Start by Looking | Swirling and Smelling | Take a Sip | Let it Swish | Savor and Swallow !!!

₹1,500 for two people (approx.) with alcohol 

Smoking Area

Waiter Service

Free Wifi

Dance Floor

Kid Friendly

VIP Section

Pool Table

Bring Your Own Booze

Open Air Venue

Live Sports Screening

Open Air

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