You Would Not Believe Your Eyes After Seeing These Pictures In Gurgaon!

You Would Not Believe Your Eyes After Seeing These Pictures in Gurugram! Yeah, You heard it right! Here you will see few pictures in Gurgaon and you will not believe your eyes. Gurugram is also called Gurujam! Because of traffic problems. Sometimes it takes hours to reach few kilometres. But recently people shared few pictures on Twitter and You will be shocked. Check these pictures below –




Picture credits: Twitter(@mfuloria)

You can see in the pictures that everybody follows the traffic rules and drive into the lane only which is very rare to find. Normally people drive in hurry to reach their office on time and nobody follows the lanes. We can inspire from these pictures and let the people know that if we follow the traffic rules we can reach to our destination on time and avoid road accidents. The best part is work in progress of many underpasses in Gurugram, This will reduce traffic jam to a large extent.

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